Social Responsibility

F J Benjamin has been a supporter of various charitable initiatives in Singapore and elsewhere since 1959. F J Benjamin views charitable giving as a necessary element of corporate social responsibility.

The Charitable Giving Committee directs and oversees F J Benjamin's charitable activities. The Committee is made up of senior or key employees from within the F J Benjamin group of companies. The Committee meets annually to determine the budget to be set aside for charitable giving and meet as and when required to review and approve any request for charitable giving submitted.

The Committee has developed this Guidelines on Charitable Giving in order to facilitate a structured and transparent approach to F J Benjamin's charitable giving thereby allowing beneficiaries clearer criteria markers and shareholders greater transparency.

F J Benjamin's Charitable Objectives
  • F J Benjamin supports good causes relating to health, education, the arts and/or the community in Singapore and elsewhere.
  • F J Benjamin encourages and supports projects and activities that strengthen the communities in which our employees live and work.
Beneficiary Criteria
  • The beneficiary is (i) a registered charity with the Singapore Commissioner of Charities, (ii) an institution of public character (IPC), or, (iii) an organization with generally charitable or non-profit objectives that shares F J Benjamin's Charitable Objectives; or
  • The beneficiary has some connection with F J Benjamin, and, F J Benjamin's Charitable Objectives.

    Legal disclaimer - These Guidelines are not binding and do not confer legal rights on any party. Its contents are subject to change from time to time without prior notice. F J Benjamin shall not accept liability for any reliance on the Guidelines. F J Benjamin is not a registered charity under the Singapore Charities Act.