FJ Benjamin Vision and Mission


To lead in everything we do



To be a Southeast Asian Group

Dedicated to delivering our promise to our customers by fulfilling their lifestyle aspirations



We strive to lead in everything we do

Implementing strategies with deep market penetration

Creating superior customer experiences

Empowering employees for phenomenal growth

Delivering sustainable and superior returns to our shareholders


Code of Ethics

F J Benjamin's success over the past 50 years has come from its strong sense of identity, objectivity of thought and accountability for results in pursuit of excellence. Its Corporate Code of Ethics serves to further reinforce its values and instill in its culture, the duties and obligations of its employees within the organization, to its valued shareholders, principals, business partners and, of course, its customers.


To ensure that corporate compliance is not merely lip service, compliance to the Corporate Code of Ethics is monitored and enforced by F J Benjamin's Regional Compliance and Internal Audit department, which reports directly to its independent directors.


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