• Alpina

From the very beginning, as far back as 1883, Alpina has been associated with horological innovation. Whether it was their innovative way of creating an excellent working environment, or through the introduction of new quality control criteria before anyone else, Alpina has always sought ways to improve how things are done. The story of Alpina was originally brought to life when Swiss watch making visionary Gottlieb Hauser founded the "Alpina Swiss Watchmakers Corporation," and in doing so united the leading Swiss independent watchmakers, who became known as the "Alpinists."

Today, the ideals and innovation upon which Alpina was founded are still alive in the Geneva manufacture, where they make professional sport watches to the most exacting horological standards.

Alpina’s mission is now and has always been to manufacture extremely reliable professional sports watches, respecting and implementing the "Alpinist Principle" in manufacturing, design and technological innovation.

76 years after having introduced the concept of the modern sports watch with the Alpina 4 in 1938, alpine comes back with the concept of ‘4’ in it’s Alpiner collection. The Alpiner ‘4’ is a professional Alpine watch featuring the 4 sports properties: Antimagnetic, Antishock, Water-resistant and Stainless steel high robust case.

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